The great Ryne Sandberg bobble debacle

To honor the newest manager of the Iron Pigs, Ryne Sandberg, a bobble head of the iconic hall of famer was given away on April 26th to the first 3000 fans through the gates at Allentown’s Coca Cola Park. It was obviously in demand based on the volume of people lined up by 5pm, one full hour before the main gates opened.

This bobble head is a fine enough representation of Ryne Sandberg, but one issue that looms large is the fact that Sandberg’s birth date is listed on the box as July, 1959. A quick google search or Wikipedia inquiry will reveal Ryne Sandberg’s birthday is actually in September of 1959. So I suppose all those bobbles given out on Tuesday are either huge collectibles based on the misprint, or are 3,000 thorns in Ryne Sandberg’s side. I know each year as I get older, every month counts and I certainly don’t need to be aged any earlier even if it is only by a month or two.


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