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LVRG Hissy Fits and Special Vixens Unit to bout at East Coast Derby Extravaganza June 26

(Graphic: Philly Rollergirls)

Imagine an entire weekend of roller derby filled with bouts featuring the top teams and leagues in the US and Canada? It’s not a fantasy; it is the East Coast Roller Derby Extravaganza (ECDX) and it happening this weekend at the Sportsplex located in Feasterville, PA.

Our very own Lehigh Valley Rollergirls are scheduled to compete in two bouts on Sunday June 26, 2011. ECDX will be featuring 3 rinks of derby action. Rink 1 will consist of challenge bouts which are half hour bouts between travel teams and other teams comprised of ECDX participants. These are non WFTDA matchups. Lehigh Valley’s Special Vixens Unit will go head to head against the DC Capitol Offenders to start the day at 10:30am. At 12:30pm the LVRG action takes place on rink 2 for a WFTDA bout between the Hissy Fits and Richmond, Virginia’s River City Rollergirls.

Tickets are sold out for ECDX, but you can catch the action via a live video stream courtesy of the Philly Rollergirls and their sponsors. A standard quality feed is free and a high quality (not quite HD but pretty decent) is $20 which helps support the event. Live streaming will be for WFTDA bouts on rinks 2 and 3 only. There is also a live chat where you can discuss the day’s events with other derby fans.

If you are unable to attend ECDX and want a weekend full of derby action, fire up your computer and enjoy all the hits, blocks and jams from the comfort of your home or favorite wifi hotspot.

For the Live feed and other ECDX info go to:

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So ya wanna be a Rollergirl? (Part 2) LVRG to host open-house 6/20/11

(Image: LVRG)

This is part 2 of a 2 part series.

Derby girls share a bond which many involved in the sport will tell you make this a true family. They are there for one another on the track and off, through good times and bad. As a Rollergirl, you will also be a role model for other women and young girls. There aren’t too many other women’s sports that are as hard-hitting and rough and tumble as Roller Derby.  It is empowering and amazing to be involved in a sport so powerful.

With that in mind in addition to attendance and monthly dues there is a strict code of conduct requirement as well. Sure Derby girls look bad ass but that doesn’t mean they act inappropriate on or off the track. LVRG is very protective of its image and rightly so as they have worked hard to achieve their position within the derby and local community.

LVRG has a wide fan base; at any given match you will see infants, toddlers, kids, parents and grandparents in attendance.  Contrary to some misconceptions, Roller Derby is a family friendly sport. A Lehigh Valley Rollergirl is required to always behave in a manner that portrays themselves and the team in the most positive light. Not only does this pertain to official Derby business and on bout day, but also outside in the day-to-day world.  Remember this sport is about being a positive and empowering role model.

The members of LVRG are always mindful of their actions and what they say; even online one never knows who is observing. Remember this is a diverse group of team mates and fans.  Negative comments toward different races, genders, sexual orientations, etc will not be tolerated.  Even away from Roller Derby that is just sound common sense advice; tolerance toward all.

By this point you are probably wondering, “When do I get to pick my name?”  Names are not assumed immediately they must be earned. A fresh meat goes through a period of 12.5 weeks of training which includes assessments not only on skating skills but also on WFTDA rules and regulations.

The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) is the official sanctioning body of the sport. Like other professional sports, they dictate how the bouts are to be played. This is not the Roller Derby of the past which was a closer relative to sports entertainment than sport.  Roller Derby is a true athletic endeavor.

During the 12.5 week introductory period fresh meat will be judged on their attendance, attitude and progress on the track.  Don’t be overly concerned if you are a beginning skater; fresh meat enter the sport at all levels of ability, and the team will provide all the necessary support for you to gain proficiency.

Think you’re too old to be a Derby girl? Think again. Roller Derby is one of the rare sports where players do not have an expiration date.  LVRG currently has a roster of players ranging from 18 – mid 40s. It is not unusual to see players even older on many teams.

“But I’m too fat/skinny/tall/short (fill in any I forgot) to play?” Nope. All body types can find a home in Roller Derby. In fact if you are looking to change your body type Derby has proven to be as effective as any gym in town, maybe even more so.  Many players have lost tremendous amounts of weight since taking up the sport and are in the best physical shape of their lives. No matter what shape you are, there is a position on the team for you.

“OK, can I pick my name now?”  Everyone loves selecting their Derby name and there are plenty of creative ones out there. Once you have successfully passed your assessments you will be allowed to select your name. You must first wait until you receive the go ahead from team officials.  You likely have been thinking of a name for quite some time.

Before you are given your name, it will have to be approved by the team. In keeping with the family friendly philosophy of the Lehigh Valley Rollergirls, vulgar names or those containing profanities will be rejected.  There is a national database of currently registered names which will have to be consulted before your name may be assigned. Currently there are approximately 28,000 names on file. Names must be unique and not match or be similar to existing ones already in the system. If you find your desired name is already spoken for and are stuck on what to choose, your Derby sisters can be consulted for suggestions as they are quite a creative bunch. Check out to see if your desired name is available.

LVRG’s open recruit is not a tryout, if you are willing to make the commitment, you will make the team regardless of past experience or ability. LVRG will work with you as long as you meet them half way and honor the required commitments.

During the open recruit process an aspiring derby girl will have an opportunity to slap on the skates and try a few simple drills such as knee lunges. Don’t feel embarrassed if you are wobbly or even fall down, all your derby favorites were once fresh meat candidates too.

Want to get involved with Roller Derby but don’t want to skate? There are many opportunities for non skaters in derby. The unsung heroes of the sport, who often go unrecognized are the NSOs (Non Skating Officials).  Without these fine folks keeping the stats and recording the scores, there are no derby bouts. NSO is a very important role and worth considering if you would like to become a member of the growing roller derby community without having to lace up.

Now that you have the basic information on what to expect and what is expected you can decide if roller derby for you. It is much more than meets the eye; it is a high level professional sport. Come to LVRG’s open recruit session on June 20, 2011 and get ready to, “get in the game.” 

Lehigh Valley Rollergirls next open recruit will be held June 20, 2011 8-10pm at Independence Family Fun Center in Schnecksville, PA

All potential Rollergirls must be 18 and over and bring valid photo identification.

Lehigh Valley Rollergirls recruitment contact Phish Tahko  at:   


Independence Family Fun Center :


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So ya wanna be a Rollergirl? What to expect and what is expected (Part 1 of a 2 part series)

This is lengthy so it has been divided into two parts. Part two will be published in the coming days.

(Photo: Deb Boylan)

Maybe you’ve been to a recent roller derby bout or perhaps you’ve read about roller derby (maybe even on this blog), and you are intrigued. Perhaps your friends have proclaimed, “You ought to do this!”  You happen to love wearing torn fishnets and thigh high socks, you’re sporting a few rad tattoos (tattoos encouraged but not required) and you even have an awesome derby name picked out.

You’re in luck because the Lehigh Valley Rollergirls will be holding another open recruitment session and orientation on June 20, 2011 from 8 – 10pm at their home track the Independence Family Fun Center in Schnecksville.  Here you will learn everything you always wanted to know about the LVRG and what it takes to become a member of this Derby family.

More than a cute name and some funky duds, becoming a member of the Lehigh Valley Rollergirls takes dedication and serious commitment. If you are thinking you can just throw on a pair of skates, craft a persona and show up on bout day, you are in for a rude awakening.

To answer some of your questions and prepare you for what you will encounter at the open recruit event, this blog sat in for the April open recruit session and has the skinny to help you decide if this is something for you.

First of all don’t be scared, these girls may hit hard on the track but they don’t bite. They are there to answer your questions and provide you the necessary information and encouragement needed to succeed. Once you enter the Independence Family Fun Center you will be given an application form and a welcome guide.  This guide will explain the requirements for membership so don’t worry if you forget something that is said at the orientation, it’s all there for you to refer back to.

A helpful suggestion for potential Rollergirls (new Rollergirls are referred to as fresh meat) is to practice on skates if you can prior to the open recruit. Many local skating rinks have open skate sessions and if you haven’t been on skates in a few years or perhaps ever, this would be a good place to get accustomed (or re-accustomed) to being on four wheels.

A word about the skates, Rollergirls do not use in-line skates (rollerblades), they skate with quads. Quads are probably what you may have used the first time you skated at a roller rink and they consist of two wheels in the front, two wheels in the back (think of a car) and a stopper at the front-most part of the boot right in the center.

(Photo: Deb Boylan)

If you have your own skates bring them along while there will be loaner equipment on site there may not be enough for everyone to skate at one time and you may have to wait your turn. If you happen to have wrist guards and knee pads bring those as well. No equipment? No worries there will be something available for you to use. But it will speed things along and give you more rink time if you bring what you have.

Before you get to lace up you will learn what is required of fresh meat (and experienced Rollergirls as well). Attendance is mandatory for weekly practices which are held Monday from 7-9pm and Thursday from 8-10pm evenings at the home rink (IFFC). There is an additional practice Sunday evening which is not mandatory for fresh meat but encouraged. Fresh meat (and again everything stated here is required of all members), are also required to attend league meetings, join a committee and attend special events in the community.

Special events are fun, help raise money for charity and promote the LVRG in the surrounding community, past events that LVRG have made appearances at are; guest bartending for charity, a benefit concert, and a tattoo expo to name just a few.  All the Rollergirls are divided up into teams that rotate coverage of community events. Teams are designated by color for example the green team worked the tattoo expo.

Each Rollergirl is required to pay $50 monthly dues. The team is completely DIY and self owned and by paying dues you are also a stakeholder in the team. These dues are necessary for operating expenses such as renting the facility, printing the programs, advertising, etc. Unlike other professional sports there are no large corporate sponsors or owners underwriting the cost. The team relies on the generosity of local businesses who provide sponsorship dollars by purchasing advertising, but that is nowhere near enough to keep the team in operation.  

Self ownership means the team controls their own destiny; all functions including administrative, financial and graphic design are done by the diverse and talented team members.  While it is hard work it is also worthwhile to maintain independence and control their identity as a team.

In addition to the monthly dues all Rollergirls are required to purchase their own equipment and medical insurance (if not covered by an employer). Injuries do occur as this is a full contact sport and insurance is required. A fresh meat will need to purchase a uniform, skates (obviously), and protective gear.

(Photo: Deb Boylan

Protective gear includes a helmet, wrist guards, knee and elbow pads and a mouth guard (you like your teeth don’t you?). Don’t skimp on quality when buying your protective gear it is in your best interest to prevent serious injury if you can. Items can be found locally at retailers such as Army/Navy store in Whitehall, Homebase Skate Shop in Bethlehem, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Modell’s, and other sports shops. You can also try online retailers. Mouth guards are also available at many sporting good stores as well as pharmacies such as CVS.

You will see most Rollergirls sporting stockings and knee/thigh high socks and it is more than simply a fashion statement. Stockings/tights and socks not only look cool, they keep your knee pads in place and prevent them from digging into you. Who knew style could be so functional? A great place to shop for socks online is Sock Dreams:  

Also check out Exotic Dreams located in the Raspberry Court Shopping Center at 1980 Catasauqua Road, in Allentown, PA. This newly remodeled location offers lingerie, hosiery, costumes and many other items to complete your Derby look. Ask for Ruth and tell them Deb Boylan sent you! For hours and directions check out their website:

By now you are probably thinking this is a lot of work and commitment and indeed it is. The best things aren’t always easily attained but the rewards are great. If you can handle the expectations you will find yourself part of a rapidly growing sisterhood not only on a local level but internationally as well.

All potential Rollergirls must be 18 and over and bring valid photo identification.

Part two coming soon, look for it. Or better yet subscribe and never miss a post.

Army Navy Store 1045 Grape Street, Whitehall, PA 18052-5196 (610) 266-1045 ‎

Homebase Skate Shop  14 west 4th street Bethlehem, PA  10815 (610)866.0540

Lehigh Valley Rollergirls recruitment contact Phish Tahko  at:

(Image: LVRG)

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Hissy Fits make molten metal of Pittsburgh’s Steel City B-Unit and forge a 187 – 65 victory

(Photo: Ruth Rohrer)

After being on the road since March, the Hissy Fits returned to their home track Saturday, June 11 to take on the Steel City B-Unit from Pittsburgh. In a battle of the steel cities Lehigh Valley took the lead early in the bout and never looked back. Jammers Vanilla CreamHer, V-Diva, Level’in Levi and Loogie Vuitton racked up the points and kept the lead throughout the match.

Midway through the first period the Hissy Fits held a commanding 37 – 18 lead and by the close of the period the score was 78-43. The pace was fast and the hits were hard, bodies slammed to the wooden floor of the Independence family fun center to the delight of the near capacity crowd.

Halftime entertainment was provided by local thrash/ metal band Apocryfiend. The music was loud and aggressive which helped to keep the intensity level high.  Several raffles were conducted throughout the course of the event. There was a 50/50 raffle, an entrance ticket raffle and a drawing for an incredible painting created by a member of LVRG. I will admit that I secretly wanted to win the painting more than anything and when it went unclaimed and tickets continued to be drawn I held out hope I might get lucky, but alas it wasn’t to be this time. There is a lucky fan out there with a great piece of original roller derby art for their wall courtesy of a talented member of the Lehigh Valley Rollergirls.

As usual the merchandise table offered a wide selection of derby swag for purchase and noticeable at this bout was the availability of merchandise from the opposing team. I picked up another Lehigh Valley T-Shirt as well as one from Steel City. There is something for just about everyone at the merchandise table from shot glasses to rally towels, stickers, and hats.  Consider treating yourself or grabbing a gift for someone else. The sale of these items helps ensure roller derby has the funds to continue bringing the action to your city and cities nationwide.

After the half, the second quarter started strong with a combo punch from all Jammers in quick succession raising Lehigh Valley’s lead to a staggering 129 – 43 by the 16:50 mark.  Pittsburgh was able to regain a handful of points but could not overcome the deficit and fell to Lehigh Valley with a final score of 187 – 65 recorded.

(Photo: Ruth Rohrer)

MVP awards were presented to Jammers Vanilla CreamHer of Lehigh Valley and Pittsburgh’s Death Cake for Cutie. The awards were fashioned by hand entirely out of metal and featured a rotating skate with skull and crossbones atop a star shaped base.  They are the creation of Jamie Dean (aka Mr. Level’in Levi) of Xtreme Lowz.  For custom metal work or low rider modifications contact him at: 484-255-7504. Tell him you heard about his work from us!

Some notes about the bout, first of all hats off to the entire team of skaters, administrative staff and NSOs for an extremely well organized bout. Learning from past issues when dealing with a capacity crowd; the team made some adjustments both inside and outside of the venue.  Separate entrances were added for pre-purchased tickets/will call and those wishing to buy their tickets at the door. This change eliminated congestion upon entering the arena and fans were able to calmly make their way to their seats.

Press areas were also clearly delineated and kept separate from the crowd, several media outlets were able to work in tandem without getting in one another’s way and fans were not underfoot of the press and their equipment. Fans were well behaved and stayed behind marked areas.

Another change implemented this bout was the decision not to allow fans to bring in outside seating or large coolers which in turn created clear pathways for fans to easily walk around to purchase merchandise and food as well as enabling access to the exits and restrooms.

Proceeds from this match benefitted local animal rescue organization the Cat Shack. The Cat Shack is a non-profit, no kill rescue group whose mission is to end feline over population while finding loving homes for abandoned and neglected cats. Please consider fostering a cat, adoption or a monetary donation.  For additional information visit:

Next stop for the LVRG is next Saturday’s indiemade craft market at the Bethlehem Municipal Skating Rink located on Illick’s Mill Rd in Bethlehem, PA. Stop by and congratulate your favorite Rollergirl(s) on their victory while browsing funky handmade wares.

(Photo: Ruth Rohrer)

Tickets are now available for LVRG’s next home bout which will be held on July 16, 2011 at Independence Family Fun Center in Schnecksville.  Catch the action as The Hissy Fits take on New Hampshire. Get your tickets here:

For more information on Apocryfiend check out their Reverb Nation page:

All photographs courtesy of the Corner Seat’s exclusive photographer the supremely talented Ruth Rohrer. No images may be reproduced or republished without expressed permission.

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Lehigh Valley Rollergirls ask fans to not bring chairs or coolers to Saturday’s Bout

The Lehigh Valley Rollergirls are requesting that their fans do not bring any chairs or large beverage coolers to their upcoming bout this Saturday. Unlike previous bouts where fans were allowed to bring their own chairs into the facility, for the purposes of safety and to accommodate the large crowd expected to attend the bout, chairs will not be allowed to be brought into the arena, instead chairs will be available at the event.

The Rollergirls are also asking their fans to leave behind their large coolers as they take up valuable and much needed floor space. As always this is a BYOB event, any fans planning on consuming alcoholic beverages must have valid ID and be prepared to show it. This is to maintain a safe and legal environment. Underage drinking will not be allowed at any time. Cans only, glass bottles are prohibited.

To facilitate entry into the bout the LVRG will also have a separate line for those who have pre-purchased their tickets.  A huge crowd is expected and only a handful of tickets remain please consider purchasing your tickets online:

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Noise Nation charity cookbook now available for purchase

After months of planning and hard work the Noise Nation charity cookbook is available for purchase. This spiral bound 5 x 8 inch cookbook is perfect for placing on your kitchen counter while you recreate these fun and tasty treats. From appetizers to salads, main dishes and desserts, this cookbook will have you being the talk of your dining room or next social gathering.

Featuring recipes from professional baseball players, their wives and fans, the Noise Nation charity cookbook is a group project created to benefit the National Brain Tumor Society. 100 percent of the proceeds from the sale of the cookbooks will be donated to NBTS. Each cookbook contains coupons from some of your favorite local businesses such as Applebee’s, Outback, Buca di Beppo and more.  The added value of the coupons makes the cost of the cookbook virtually free if you redeem them all.

Cookbooks are $20 each and can be purchased directly from the members of Noise Nation and will also be available in select retail stores including Exotic Dreams Lingerie and Gifts located at 1980 Catasauqua Road, Allentown. Books can also be shipped priority mail for an additional $5 (paypal or money order only, sorry no checks will be accepted).

For additional information or to purchase contact the Corner Seat at:

Visit the official Noise nation blog at:

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Lehigh Valley Rollergirls scheduled to appear at indiemade craft market

Can’t get enough of the Lehigh Valley Rollergirls? Whether you are attending Saturday’s bout or not, you will have an additional opportunity to meet and mingle with your favorite Rollergirls at the indiemade craft market to be held June 11 from 10am-5pm at the Bethlehem Ice Rink located on Illick’s Mill Road in Bethlehem, PA.  Admission is only $3 for adults and children 12 and under are free. The first 50 adults to enter will also receive a swag bag filled with unique handcrafted items from local artists.

Indiemade craft market will feature live musical performances, food, DIY projects and local artisans vending unique handmade items. There will also be a raffle to benefit the Baum School of Art scholarship fund. Easton’s Chase the Chill Knitters will be there knitting for charity and it is also WWKIPD (World Wide Knit in Public Day). Bring a chair and your knitting materials and receive $1 off admission.

LVRG embodies the DIY ethic and the Indiemade craft market is a perfect match. Come out and spend a warm summer day in beautiful Bethlehem. Support local artists and craftspeople while picking up a one of a kind treasure.

For more information on the indiemade craft market visit their webpage:

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