LVRG Hissy Fits and Special Vixens Unit to bout at East Coast Derby Extravaganza June 26

(Graphic: Philly Rollergirls)

Imagine an entire weekend of roller derby filled with bouts featuring the top teams and leagues in the US and Canada? It’s not a fantasy; it is the East Coast Roller Derby Extravaganza (ECDX) and it happening this weekend at the Sportsplex located in Feasterville, PA.

Our very own Lehigh Valley Rollergirls are scheduled to compete in two bouts on Sunday June 26, 2011. ECDX will be featuring 3 rinks of derby action. Rink 1 will consist of challenge bouts which are half hour bouts between travel teams and other teams comprised of ECDX participants. These are non WFTDA matchups. Lehigh Valley’s Special Vixens Unit will go head to head against the DC Capitol Offenders to start the day at 10:30am. At 12:30pm the LVRG action takes place on rink 2 for a WFTDA bout between the Hissy Fits and Richmond, Virginia’s River City Rollergirls.

Tickets are sold out for ECDX, but you can catch the action via a live video stream courtesy of the Philly Rollergirls and their sponsors. A standard quality feed is free and a high quality (not quite HD but pretty decent) is $20 which helps support the event. Live streaming will be for WFTDA bouts on rinks 2 and 3 only. There is also a live chat where you can discuss the day’s events with other derby fans.

If you are unable to attend ECDX and want a weekend full of derby action, fire up your computer and enjoy all the hits, blocks and jams from the comfort of your home or favorite wifi hotspot.

For the Live feed and other ECDX info go to:


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