Lehigh Valley’s V-Diva advances to finals in Team USA bid

(Photo: LVRG official portrait)

V-Diva of the Lehigh Valley Rollergirls will be making her way to Tampa, FL to compete for a spot on Team USA’s roller derby squad. Successfully out skating hundreds of hopefuls from across the nation during pre-qualifying, she advanced to the final round earning a spot in the top 28.

The finals which are to be held July 23, 2011 in Tampa will determine the roster that will go on to represent the United States in the roller derby World Cup to be held in Toronto December 1 – 4, 2011. International teams from as far away as New Zealand will be competing for the title of World Champion in this first of its kind event.

This is exciting news for derby players and fans alike as women’s flat track roller derby makes yet another stride toward mainstream acceptance as a sport. The success of this and future World Cup events could pave the way for roller derby’s entrance into the Olympics.

V-Diva stands a serious chance of making it onto the final 20 woman roster. If you have seen her in action you know how tough a competitor she is. Combining beauty, grace and athleticism on the track, her speed skating background is clearly evident. Although taller than many competitors, she maximizes her aerodynamics and lowers her center of gravity by adopting classic speed skating techniques to lap the pack and rack up multiple grand slams.

Fiercely competitive and a tireless perfectionist, not only can she lap the pack at an ungodly speed, she can bust through a wall of blockers like they were rag dolls, tossing each aside with ease. If you have never seen V-Diva skate you owe it to yourself to check her out at the next Lehigh Valley Rollergirls bout, she is worth the price of admission on her own.

The Corner Seat wishes V-Diva the best of luck at the World Cup finals and eagerly anticipates the announcement of the final roster which should be revealed sometime in early August.

(Photo: Ruth Rohrer)

The 2011 World Cup is sponsored and organized by Blood and Thunder Magazine: http://bloodandthundermag.com/WorldCup2011.htm

Team USA on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Team-USA-Roller-Derby/194917163892948

For more info on V-Diva and her teammates in the Lehigh Valley be sure to check out: http://www.lehighvalleyrollergirls.com/



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3 responses to “Lehigh Valley’s V-Diva advances to finals in Team USA bid

  1. Devan

    great article! we ❤ V-Diva! GO GIRL!!

  2. Thanks for checking out the article. V-Diva Rocks!!!

  3. Emma

    Saw her skate at ECE this year – hot damn! could not look away! well deserved!

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