Sad news for Harrisburg Area Roller Derby

(photo: H.A.R.D.)

Mike Fritz (Fritz N Wesson), a referee for Harrisburg Area Roller Derby passed away Monday, July 18. I never met the man, but when roller derby suffers a loss we all feel it. The pain cuts deepest and bleeds longest amongst the players, officials and support staff, but it is also felt by those of us on the periphery; the media and fans. If I have gained any knowledge while covering the Lehigh Valley Rollergirls, it is that roller derby is an extended family in the truest sense of action and words.

News of Mike’s passing, which was sudden and shocking, has rocked the entire roller derby community. Many will remember seeing him most recently at ECDX. Condolences continue to pour in to Harrisburg from teams and friends located across the country and worldwide.

Death is a meal poorly digested and I certainly won’t attempt to ponder it here, simply stated this is a man gone from the biggest bout of them all much too soon.

Farewell Fritz N Wesson, I hope there’s a heaven up there along with a team of bad ass bitches waiting for a referee to blow the whistle. 

To offer your condolences and memories to Harrisburg Area Roller Derby please visit their facebook page :!/pages/Harrisburg-Area-Roller-Derby/207601172591543


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