V-Diva in top 30 position for Team USA

(Photo: Ruth Rohrer)

After traveling to Tampa, FL at personal expense to try out for Team USA, the Corner Seat is excited to learn that V-Diva has made it into the top 30. This guarantees her a spot on the team. As noted earlier, it will be revealed in the coming two weeks if she has secured a slot amongst the top 20. Inclusion in the top 20 guarantees maximum track time as she will be a featured member of the World Cup line up. Making the cut and placing into the top 20 will be a difficult task as some spots have already been filled by skaters from top ranked WFTDA teams who were exempt from trials.

After watching V-Diva’s performance via the televised feed on Derby News Network, I have no doubt that she will place in the featured line up. Skating at finals V-Diva showed a national audience why she is a natural fan favorite back at home in the Lehigh Valley. At one point the play-by-play announcer remarked about skaters who caught his eye, V-Diva naturally was mentioned. He commented on her speed, dexterity and ability to stop on a dime while also being able to quickly regain speed from a dead stop. Pure and simple she is a precision skater.

V-Diva is on a fast track to become more than a local legend; the roller derby community at large has now been exposed to her unique abilities. There will be no stopping her as she prepares to delight a global audience at the Blood and Thunder World Cup in Toronto in December.

For World Cup information go to: http://bloodandthundermag.com/WorldCup2011.htm


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