V-Diva on final roster for Team USA and she needs your help

(photo: V-Diva)

V-Diva has made the cut and will be on the roster for Team USA in the inaugural Blood and Thunder Roller Derby World Cup to be held December 2-4, 2011 in Toronto, Canada. As has been mentioned previously here, roller derby participants compete in this sport at their own expense. There are no national corporate sponsors footing the bill for gear, insurance or facility rentals to name just a few costs.

Teams are self owned by and for the skaters and they rely on the generosity of local business sponsors and their own spunky fundraising. It is a true DIY endeavor, with each member of a team sharing ownership and shouldering associated expenditures.

V-Diva traveled to the World Cup tryouts at her own expense; gas, meals and lodging were paid entirely out of pocket by her. To make the trip to Toronto, she will need to raise even more money.

To help ease this burden, V-Diva has set up an account on Chip In, a fundraising website. Here friends, family and fans can elect to make a donation via paypal to help her reach her goal of raising $1800 by October 4.

Please consider making a contribution, no amount is too small and every single dollar raised is greatly appreciated by V-Diva. It would be a crying shame if V-Diva were unable to compete due to lack of funds. She deserves to be at the World Cup and has earned the right to represent not only Pennsylvania, but the entire United States this December. For the cost of a takeout lunch or coffee at your favorite café, you can help V-Diva make her dream reality.

Thus far V-Diva has raised $285 toward her goal, which is 15% of the total needed. If you would like to help sponsor her trip please go to the following link and show her some derby love.


Complete Team USA roster: http://derbynewsnetwork.com/2011/08/team_usa_announces_28_skater_roster

Blood and Thunder World Cup information: http://bloodandthundermag.com/WorldCup2011.htm

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