Beef Stew: Post bout wrap up LVRG v. Garden State

Rose Beef  provides her post-bout analysis of last saturday’s bout vs. Garden State and looks toward the upcoming face off with Columbia in South Carolina.

If you missed the Lehigh Valley Rollergirls’ (LVRG) Hissy Fits bout this weekend against Garden State’s Iron Bound Maidens, then you missed a real battle that was undecided until the very last seconds of the game. LVRG was prepared for a physical game and Garden State brought just that. From the very beginning, the Iron Bound Maidens initiated their signature knee down jam starts to try to throw off Lehigh Valley.  However, LVRG strategically countered their tactics by positioning themselves to secure lead jammer status on numerous occasions. LVRG jammers Happy Feet and Vanilla CreamHer took advantage of this and absorbed some early points in the first half while they had the opportunity. 

In the second half, Garden State recognized LVRG as a true threat and made the decision to only field power line ups, making the game that much more physical. Blockers Chikki Sixx, and Loogie Vuitton were persistent as LVRG’s work horses and continued to slow down the opposing jammer. Also playing an important role were pivots Helen Darink and Hell Razin’ Hussy, who kept control of their packs in order to keep a tight score the entire game. During the last few minutes of the game, LVRG found themselves in penalty trouble, costing them valuable points. The game literally was decided by the last jam of the night, with less than 30 seconds left on the clock. Garden State, with a 4 point lead, was able to establish lead jammer status and call of the jam before LVRG had an opportunity to score any more points. The final score was 116-120, Garden State.

The Lehigh Valley Hissy Fits’ next WFTDA sanctioned game will be held on May 19th when they travel to Columbus, SC to play the Columbia Quad Squad. Although Columbia’s team is ranked much higher than LVRG in most reported standings; Columbia is an unknown wildcard. There is little information about Columbia available and no record of their style of play or their longer term history. LVRG is going to have to pack every little trick up their sleeve for this long distance trip over 650 miles away.

In the upcoming weeks, LVRG will also be shifting gears and focusing on their second team, the Special Vixens Unit (SVU).  SVU will be opening their season by traveling to Williamsport, PA on May 5th to play the Susquehanna Valley Derby Vixens. Both teams should be equally matched, however, expect some surprises coming from LVRG’s up and coming skaters. Following this bout, the SVU team, led by Captain Tortelina Temptress, will play back to back games as they head to Philadelphia, PA the next week to bout against the Philly Cheeseskates on May 12th.

Rose Beef, A1

Head coach of the Lehigh Valley Rollergirls

Rose Beef pictured with Garden State's Toni Soprano after receiving their MVP awards

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2 responses to “Beef Stew: Post bout wrap up LVRG v. Garden State

  1. Jimmy T.

    congrats on a hard fought bout!! Even though Noise Nation missed it, it seems like you all played your hearts out!! Great job!! You’ll get em next bout!!!

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