LVRG Featured Skater: Loogie Vuitton

This month’s featured skater in the LVRG’s recent bout program is none other than fan favorite Loogie Vuitton. We thought you might like to learn a few tidbits about this fierce competitor. Content is reprinted courtesy of LVRG.  Anything in bold italics is my opinion and mine alone.

Photo: LVRG

Loogie joined the Lehigh Valley Rollergirls in 2008. (that’s like 10 years in roller derby or a couple of dog years). She is our [LVRG] promotions manager and is the current skater voted Miss LVRG! (Was there a swimsuit and/or talent component to this award?)

When not skating she is attending school to become a Medical Lab Technician. She is currently on the Dean’s list.Loogie is happily married to High Voltage (referee). She enjoys baking, her favorite color is red, and her favorite letter of the alphabet is G.  She also loves her pupper dog! and that’s just one of many reasons why we adore her!

Editor’s note: Did you also know Loogie has her very own fan club? Fan club members can be spotted wearing official Loogie Vuitton fan club jackets. Look for them at the next bout!

Come out to LVRG’s next home bout June 9 and watch her deliver her trademark hard hits and showcase her impenetrable blocking ability.

Look for our recap and photos of last Saturday’s bout against Garden State coming soon!


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