LVRG Rising Star: Lauranimal

(Editor’s note: Since the Loogie Vuitton profile I reprinted from the LVRG bout program was so popular; I thought you might like to learn about another Lehigh Valley Rollergirls star skater. Here is an interview that originally appeared in the September 2011 edition of the LVRG newsletter. Without further adieu, let’s meet #30 Lauranimal!)

Photo: LVRG

Lauranimal made her Hissy Fit debut during the July 16th [2011] bout against NHRD Skate Free or Die. She did her team proud by delivering an outstanding performance as one of their Jammers. Anytime she was knocked down she quickly bounced back with the resilience of a cat. Lauranimal took time out of her “9-lives” to discuss her blossoming roller derby career. Here are a few questions from the interview:

So tell us, what was it like playing in your first Hissy Fits’ bout?

Well, to start things off not only was it my first Hissy Fit bout, but it was my first “real” bout ever… I actually think that I was more nervous the week leading up to the bout more so than I was at the bout itself. Throughout the entire bout I had a strong feeling of accomplishment & I was so proud to be representingLVRG. Surprisingly I wasn’t too nervous playing in front of the big crowd. Naturally playing in front of crowd makes you skate harder to impress them & so I did.

Have you always wanted to be a Jammer?

Yes, I have always wanted to be a Jammer from the time I watched my first game to even now when I routinely get pummeled by my lovely teammates. For the most part everyone watches the Jammer during a bout, which is fine with me now, but growing up I did not like to be the center of attention. It’s weird that Ilike to jam sooo much. I just love the challenge that the position requires & now I like the attention… but off track I still prefer not to be in the spotlight. Weird I guess…

And how long have you been playing roller derby?

I have been playing roller derby for about a year now. And I love it! I play for many reasons; first to keep physically fit & to keep busy. My family or friends will tell you that I cannot sit still for a long period of time. Secondly, I wanted to be a part of something. And then lastly to prove to myself that I could do it.

How did you come up with your derby name, Lauranimal?

It is funny how Lauranimal came about. I needed an e-mail address & out of the blue I came up with it because I’m a Veterinary Technician and I love animals, so the e-mail address soon became my skater name.

Before skating for the Lehigh Valley Roller Girls, when was the last time you went roller skating?

A looonnnggg time, I would have to estimate 15-20 years before LVRG that was the last time I had been on skates.

What’s your favorite thing about the Lehigh Valley Roller Girls?

My favorite thing about LVRG is the skaters & how we are like one big family who support each other. Also the skating of course.

What do you attribute to your success?

Let’s see where do I start? First, I would have to say that it’s my determined attitude, doing well under pressure and continuing to really push myself are a few things that I attribute to my success. Honestly, I

am amazed at where I am today. Derby has made me live a healthier life, not only by eating better but also exercising outside of practice to build up my endurance, help strengthen my muscles, etc. I would

not be where I am now if it wasn’t for my talented coaches who continue to provide me with the skills & knowledge to be a great skater. Also, I am grateful for the support of my fellow skaters and family on and

off the track. Finally, I continue to strive to be the best player I can be.

Any lucky rituals or traditions you like to do before you skate?

I wouldn’t say that I have any lucky rituals or traditions before I skate, it is more so like a routine that I start even before the day of the bout. On the day before the bout I have taken some advice from fellow skaters and I double my water intake (sorry to my coworkers) plus I carb up and make sure I eat lean proteins. For the day of the bout I wake up early, take a walk to get my muscles warmed up & calm my

nerves, I follow that up with a nap… then its game time! Oh and I can’t forget to wear my Animal, you know from the Muppets, T-shirt for good luck to the rink.

Is there anything specific you’d like your fans to know about you?

If you didn’t know that Animal from the Muppets is my mascot/derby ego, keep an eye out for the tattoo I have of him on by leg as I skate by.

Photo courtesy of Lauranimal

This interview is courtesy of the Lehigh Valley Rollergirls and was written by Ali Doyle and Meredith Spirk.

Look for our LVRG v. Garden State bout recap coming soon as well as profiles of Hell Raisin’ Hussy and Stone Cold Roxxy Fox.

For the latest information, tickets and news check out the Lehigh Valley Rollergirls website!


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