Welcome to the Corner Seat, a site focused on the local Roller Derby scene in the Lehigh Valley and the local arts,entertainmet nightlife and music scene.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions, and if you have an event you would like us to mention or cover, please send all requests and press releases to us at: cornerseatblog@gmail.com  Thanks!


Deb Boylan: Editor in Chief/Writer/Photographer and wearer of many hats.

Ruth Rohrer: Senior Photographer

Joe Robinson: Photographer/Videographer

Liz Hammel-Roth: Intern

We are always looking for comtributors. If you would like to write for the Corner Seat, please submit your content and information via email.

All items on this blog are copyrighted and any supplemental materials are credited to their original source with referral links. All photos and images are property of the blog editor unless noted otherwise. You may reprint articles with permission, all that is asked is that you credit me or any respective contributor as the author/photographer, and provide a link to The Corner Seat blog.

Copyright © 2012 The Corner Seat. All Rights Reserved.


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