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LVRG Rising Star: Lauranimal

(Editor’s note: Since the Loogie Vuitton profile I reprinted from the LVRG bout program was so popular; I thought you might like to learn about another Lehigh Valley Rollergirls star skater. Here is an interview that originally appeared in the September 2011 edition of the LVRG newsletter. Without further adieu, let’s meet #30 Lauranimal!)

Photo: LVRG

Lauranimal made her Hissy Fit debut during the July 16th [2011] bout against NHRD Skate Free or Die. She did her team proud by delivering an outstanding performance as one of their Jammers. Anytime she was knocked down she quickly bounced back with the resilience of a cat. Lauranimal took time out of her “9-lives” to discuss her blossoming roller derby career. Here are a few questions from the interview:

So tell us, what was it like playing in your first Hissy Fits’ bout?

Well, to start things off not only was it my first Hissy Fit bout, but it was my first “real” bout ever… I actually think that I was more nervous the week leading up to the bout more so than I was at the bout itself. Throughout the entire bout I had a strong feeling of accomplishment & I was so proud to be representingLVRG. Surprisingly I wasn’t too nervous playing in front of the big crowd. Naturally playing in front of crowd makes you skate harder to impress them & so I did.

Have you always wanted to be a Jammer?

Yes, I have always wanted to be a Jammer from the time I watched my first game to even now when I routinely get pummeled by my lovely teammates. For the most part everyone watches the Jammer during a bout, which is fine with me now, but growing up I did not like to be the center of attention. It’s weird that Ilike to jam sooo much. I just love the challenge that the position requires & now I like the attention… but off track I still prefer not to be in the spotlight. Weird I guess…

And how long have you been playing roller derby?

I have been playing roller derby for about a year now. And I love it! I play for many reasons; first to keep physically fit & to keep busy. My family or friends will tell you that I cannot sit still for a long period of time. Secondly, I wanted to be a part of something. And then lastly to prove to myself that I could do it.

How did you come up with your derby name, Lauranimal?

It is funny how Lauranimal came about. I needed an e-mail address & out of the blue I came up with it because I’m a Veterinary Technician and I love animals, so the e-mail address soon became my skater name.

Before skating for the Lehigh Valley Roller Girls, when was the last time you went roller skating?

A looonnnggg time, I would have to estimate 15-20 years before LVRG that was the last time I had been on skates.

What’s your favorite thing about the Lehigh Valley Roller Girls?

My favorite thing about LVRG is the skaters & how we are like one big family who support each other. Also the skating of course.

What do you attribute to your success?

Let’s see where do I start? First, I would have to say that it’s my determined attitude, doing well under pressure and continuing to really push myself are a few things that I attribute to my success. Honestly, I

am amazed at where I am today. Derby has made me live a healthier life, not only by eating better but also exercising outside of practice to build up my endurance, help strengthen my muscles, etc. I would

not be where I am now if it wasn’t for my talented coaches who continue to provide me with the skills & knowledge to be a great skater. Also, I am grateful for the support of my fellow skaters and family on and

off the track. Finally, I continue to strive to be the best player I can be.

Any lucky rituals or traditions you like to do before you skate?

I wouldn’t say that I have any lucky rituals or traditions before I skate, it is more so like a routine that I start even before the day of the bout. On the day before the bout I have taken some advice from fellow skaters and I double my water intake (sorry to my coworkers) plus I carb up and make sure I eat lean proteins. For the day of the bout I wake up early, take a walk to get my muscles warmed up & calm my

nerves, I follow that up with a nap… then its game time! Oh and I can’t forget to wear my Animal, you know from the Muppets, T-shirt for good luck to the rink.

Is there anything specific you’d like your fans to know about you?

If you didn’t know that Animal from the Muppets is my mascot/derby ego, keep an eye out for the tattoo I have of him on by leg as I skate by.

Photo courtesy of Lauranimal

This interview is courtesy of the Lehigh Valley Rollergirls and was written by Ali Doyle and Meredith Spirk.

Look for our LVRG v. Garden State bout recap coming soon as well as profiles of Hell Raisin’ Hussy and Stone Cold Roxxy Fox.

For the latest information, tickets and news check out the Lehigh Valley Rollergirls website!

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LVRG Featured Skater: Loogie Vuitton

This month’s featured skater in the LVRG’s recent bout program is none other than fan favorite Loogie Vuitton. We thought you might like to learn a few tidbits about this fierce competitor. Content is reprinted courtesy of LVRG.  Anything in bold italics is my opinion and mine alone.

Photo: LVRG

Loogie joined the Lehigh Valley Rollergirls in 2008. (that’s like 10 years in roller derby or a couple of dog years). She is our [LVRG] promotions manager and is the current skater voted Miss LVRG! (Was there a swimsuit and/or talent component to this award?)

When not skating she is attending school to become a Medical Lab Technician. She is currently on the Dean’s list.Loogie is happily married to High Voltage (referee). She enjoys baking, her favorite color is red, and her favorite letter of the alphabet is G.  She also loves her pupper dog! and that’s just one of many reasons why we adore her!

Editor’s note: Did you also know Loogie has her very own fan club? Fan club members can be spotted wearing official Loogie Vuitton fan club jackets. Look for them at the next bout!

Come out to LVRG’s next home bout June 9 and watch her deliver her trademark hard hits and showcase her impenetrable blocking ability.

Look for our recap and photos of last Saturday’s bout against Garden State coming soon!

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Beef Stew: Post bout wrap up LVRG v. Garden State

Rose Beef  provides her post-bout analysis of last saturday’s bout vs. Garden State and looks toward the upcoming face off with Columbia in South Carolina.

If you missed the Lehigh Valley Rollergirls’ (LVRG) Hissy Fits bout this weekend against Garden State’s Iron Bound Maidens, then you missed a real battle that was undecided until the very last seconds of the game. LVRG was prepared for a physical game and Garden State brought just that. From the very beginning, the Iron Bound Maidens initiated their signature knee down jam starts to try to throw off Lehigh Valley.  However, LVRG strategically countered their tactics by positioning themselves to secure lead jammer status on numerous occasions. LVRG jammers Happy Feet and Vanilla CreamHer took advantage of this and absorbed some early points in the first half while they had the opportunity. 

In the second half, Garden State recognized LVRG as a true threat and made the decision to only field power line ups, making the game that much more physical. Blockers Chikki Sixx, and Loogie Vuitton were persistent as LVRG’s work horses and continued to slow down the opposing jammer. Also playing an important role were pivots Helen Darink and Hell Razin’ Hussy, who kept control of their packs in order to keep a tight score the entire game. During the last few minutes of the game, LVRG found themselves in penalty trouble, costing them valuable points. The game literally was decided by the last jam of the night, with less than 30 seconds left on the clock. Garden State, with a 4 point lead, was able to establish lead jammer status and call of the jam before LVRG had an opportunity to score any more points. The final score was 116-120, Garden State.

The Lehigh Valley Hissy Fits’ next WFTDA sanctioned game will be held on May 19th when they travel to Columbus, SC to play the Columbia Quad Squad. Although Columbia’s team is ranked much higher than LVRG in most reported standings; Columbia is an unknown wildcard. There is little information about Columbia available and no record of their style of play or their longer term history. LVRG is going to have to pack every little trick up their sleeve for this long distance trip over 650 miles away.

In the upcoming weeks, LVRG will also be shifting gears and focusing on their second team, the Special Vixens Unit (SVU).  SVU will be opening their season by traveling to Williamsport, PA on May 5th to play the Susquehanna Valley Derby Vixens. Both teams should be equally matched, however, expect some surprises coming from LVRG’s up and coming skaters. Following this bout, the SVU team, led by Captain Tortelina Temptress, will play back to back games as they head to Philadelphia, PA the next week to bout against the Philly Cheeseskates on May 12th.

Rose Beef, A1

Head coach of the Lehigh Valley Rollergirls

Rose Beef pictured with Garden State's Toni Soprano after receiving their MVP awards

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G-Child to appear at hardcore show at Mother’s in Easton Friday, April 13

G-Child fans rejoice. Allentown’s own little pint-sized rapper will be featured as part of a multi-act bill at Mother’s in downtown Easton. If you went to Secret Art Space a couple weeks you may have been disappointed when G-Child had to cancel her show there. Well G-Child wants to make it up to you on Friday at mother’s bar in Easton. G-Child has been rehearsing daily and refining her act which will include a new song called “Jilted” as well as her classic favorites such as, “Hell Yeah,” “Fed Up” and “Put the Bottle Down.”

Packing massive energy and attitude in her small frame, there’s nothing diminutive about G-Child. For full bodied entertainment be sure to head to downtown Easton on Friday evening and catch her live at one of Easton’s hottest venues.

On the bill will be: New Jersey’s Back and Forth, New York’s On the Offense and PA’s own Slums. The show is 21 and over and best of all there is no cover charge. No excuses; if you are available this Friday point your GPS in the direction of Mother’s Bar & Grille and check out this tri-state hardcore extravaganza.

G-Child fans, look for the upcoming release of her latest EP, Getting Down to Brass Tacks dropping Summer 2012!

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We Rock for Autism benefit concert Saturday, April 14 at Northampton’s Gin Mill

The 6th annual We Rock for Autism benefit concert is just days away. This year’s event will be held at the Gin Mill & Grille (formerly Garfield’s) in Northampton. Organized by local radio personality Matt Metal; We Rock holds two benefit concerts annually in support of autism and breast cancer.

This year’s We Rock for autism will feature a powerhouse line up of four well known local acts who have all generously agreed to donate their time to this worthy cause. Doors open at 5:15 and the music begins at 6pm. The line up and performance times are:

6pm – 6:50 James Supra Blues Band

7:10 – 8pm The Large Flowerheads

8:20 – 9:20 Dina Hall

9:45 – 11pm Jake Kaligas and the New Constitution

Donation is $5 at the door, which as I’ve stated in the past is a virtual steal to see these top acts individually, let alone on the same bill. All proceeds raised will benefit the Lehigh Valley chapter of Autism Speaks.

The Gin Mill features a large music hall to the rear of the establishment with a raised stage for perfect viewing from any spot, there is also ample room to boogie down and groove to the beat of your favorite band. The Large Flowerheads in particular are a band you just can’t stay in your seat for. The Gin Mill also has a menu of mouth watering pub grub to fuel your appetite and power your dancing feet.

Matt Metal does a bang up job each year in organizing this event. Well respected and adored in the local music community, top bands and performers eagerly sign on to support his events. All funds raised through We Rock remain in the local community and directly benefit area residents. With minimal overhead and no bloated salaries (Matt and his team are all volunteers), you can be sure your donation will have the most impact.

It is likely that someone you know or their family is struggling with autism. In the past it was said that 1 in approximately 150 children were being diagnosed on the autism spectrum, now those figures have increased significantly to more than 1 in 88 children. Autism is more commonly found in boys with the ratio for boys being 1 in 54 (source: Autism is not just a childhood issue and does not disappear upon reaching adulthood; many adults are battling with autism, and often remain untreated and undiagnosed.

I attended We Rock last year and it was an outstanding and well run event. Unfortunately this year We Rock partially conflicts with the upcoming LVRG roller derby bout. If you are attending the Lehigh Valley Rollergirls vs. Garden State bout this Saturday, consider heading over to the Gin Mill immediately following the match. We Rock will be going strong until 11pm and you will be able to catch remaining two acts as well as support a wonderful effort.

For additional information about Autism click here.

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Lehigh Valley Rollergirls receive the pin-up gal treatment

Photo: Alison Leigh/Wink Pinup

I stumbled upon this awesome photo shoot featuring a few members of the Lehigh Valley Rollergirls in the latest issue of Wink Pinup Magazine. You may remember Wink as a locally available pocket-sized zine.

I always made a point to pick up a copy of Wink as soon a new issue hit the street each month. Wink had a nice print run of a year or more and is now available as an online publication. Check out Wink magazine for DIY style, art, pop culture and of course pinups! Each month Wink Features a centerfold, but these aren’t your daddy’s penthouse pets.

Want to fulfill your own pinup dreams? You can contact Alison, the Editor of Wink to arrange for your own personal photo shoot; rates are extremely reasonable and include your choice of one or more looks. You never know, you may even wind up as the latest Wink centerfold.

Now let’s get to what you’ve been eagerly waiting for, check out the results of the LVRG/Wink photo shoot here.

You can read the entire issue of Wink each and every month by visiting:

Wink is also on facebook!

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Lehigh Valley leaves HARD flaccid in season opener

The Lehigh Valley rollergirls are a different team. I don’t mean this regarding personnel, in fact if anything the 2012 Lehigh Valley Rollergirls have finally settled into a consistent stable of players. After several major roster defections and retirements in mid to late 2011, the remaining members have coalesced. Veteran skaters are forming a tight bond and working well as a unit. Incoming fresh meat have shown enthusiasm and determination, with many of them earning roster spots on both the A and B teams, while others wait in the wings; training and preparing for their debut.

Rose Beef, who enjoyed a brief retirement last season, quickly realized life on the sidelines wasn’t for her. She emerged from retirement to compete in the final home bout of the 2011 season against Rocktown. During the off season she took on the role of Head Coach and this has become one of the most advantageous moves the team could make. Rose Beef is serious, tough and determined. Her coaching style is to push each member of the team beyond their perceived limits, crafting them into well oiled cogs who fit together to power the team.

For all her outward toughness she is incredibly likeable by both fans and team mates alike. Many coaches will say it doesn’t matter if their team likes them, they are not there to make friends, but I disagree. A good coach can be tough when it is time to get down to brass tacks, but they should also be a friendly ally off the track. An effective coach is a mentor not a brutal task master. Team members respond best to kindness and are more willing to test personal boundaries. As player-coach Rose Beef is the right match to light the flame.

Lehigh Valley’s opening day began with an air of excitement. Like last season, fans were queued around the building waiting to take their seats on what was a dreary late March day. Unlike last season, Lehigh Valley anticipated the large crowds and had the rink well prepared for their impending entrance. Quite a lot more chairs were provided, eliminating the need for fans to bring their own. Rows and walkways were neatly arranged and areas were designated for media personnel and disabled fans.

Inside the arena there were representatives from several media outlets covering the opening day activities. We spied our friend and derby photographer, Jim Rhoades with his family in tow shooting the action. For some truly amazing derby photos I suggest you check out his site. Jim can usually be found at most LVRG bouts as well as covering Dutchland and other area teams.

Also on hand was a video crew from the Lehigh Valley Mirror, interviewing team members, fans and even yours truly. You can catch their show on RCN cable TV channel 4 and also online via their website. We’ll provide a link to the roller derby episode once it is available.

Now on to the bout action; I want to say although I stated in the headline that LVRG left hard flaccid after the bout, let’s make no mistake there’s nothing soft about this team. When last these two opponents squared off Lehigh Valley was the one needing Viagra after suffering a thrashing at the hands of Harrisburg and falling by a score of 161 to Harrisburg’s 211.

These ladies from our capital city mean business! One look at them and you’ll know it, they arrived at the IFFC with their games faces on. Sporting their trademark nuclear lime green uniforms with HARD written in a bold font along the side, they looked fresh and ready to take Lehigh Valley down the path to destruction once again.

If you were a betting person, the odds on favorite going into the bout would be Harrisburg. But if you were present during the three open scrimmages that Lehigh Valley held prior to the start of the season you would have seen how vastly improved this Lehigh Valley team is from last year. This match would not be a guaranteed win for HARD.

Promptly at 6pm the first whistle blew and the action began at a furious pace. Both teams came out of the gate with claws out. Fasten your seatbelts it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

Lehigh Valley put some digits on the scoreboard in the second jam of the bout courtesy of #47 Happy Feet. The numbers continued to climb in quick succession as Lauranimal, Vanilla CreamHer, and Roxxy Foxx all contributed points in their respective jams. Lehigh Valley’s team of blockers worked well to prevent Harrisburg’s jammers from gaining any ground. The bout was a shutout until the 10th jam when #700 Skelly Bean was able to finally grab a point for Harrisburg.

Lehigh Valley continued to pile on the points with Harrisburg unable to do more than slowly chip away at the mounting deficit. Harrisburg fought hard to break through the pack; solid hits were thrown on both sides with rollergirls sliding into the fans seated in the suicide section on more than one occasion. Fortunately, and quite surprising, there were no major injuries especially considering the aggressive jousting between the teams.

Making an impressive debut as a first time Jammer for HARD was #3000 Mystery Violence Theatre, who was able to add substantially to Harrisburg’s point count. Unfortunately for Harrisburg the curtain came down on the first half with Lehigh Valley ahead by a score of 81-38. Other notable performers for Harrisburg were team Captain Rainbow’s Revenge, Co-Captain Neve Cannibal, Jammers Trixie 12 Guage and Merry Khaos.

During the halftime the skaters took a much needed break, coaches gave pep-talks and fans enjoyed the musical entertainment from the Bridge Street Bluegrass Band. The choice in live entertainment was certainly a departure from the harder rock acts that dominated last year’s LVRG halftime schedule. Fans could be seen knee slapping and “doe si doeing” across the neon speckled rink rug. Hats off to the bout production staff for their creative music booking.

Both teams had merchandise available for sale, and Lehigh Valley conducted their usual 50/50 raffle. Lehigh Valley introduced T-Shirts with bold new designs for 2012. Consider supporting the teams (home and visiting) by picking up a shirt or two. Generally T-Shirts are $15 from most teams.

The halftime melted away like an ice cream cone on hot asphalt and it was time to begin the second half.

Whatever pep-talk Harrisburg may have received, seemed to work as they adjusted their strategy and began to pile up points at a faster pace than during the first half. Both teams were playing rough and tumble. Rose Beef got a few solid shots in as did Chikki 6am early in the 2nd half.

LVRG’s Lin Diesel, Loogie Vuitton (who also had a go around as lead jammer in the 2nd half before winding up in the penalty box), Helen DaRink, Levelin Levi, Daisy Destructo, Phish Tahko and Hussy were all an effective barrier throughout the bout to maintain their lead over Harrisburg. This match also saw the welcome return to active skating by Minerva Steel.

While Harrisburg was ultimately unable to overcome Lehigh Valley this go around, they managed to slow down Lehigh Valley’s rate of points accumulation while narrowing the divide in the final score to within 19. Final Score: LVRG 155-136 HARD.

MVP’s were Lehigh Valley’s team Captain, Vanilla CreamHer and Harrisburg’s Co-Captain, Neve Cannibal. They were each awarded custom handcrafted trophies courtesy of the mega-talented Jamie Dean.

Joining Lehigh Valley’s resident announcing duo Shasty and Philly Cheezteak was guest announcer Max the Axe from Harrisburg. His commentary was a perfect complement to the home team’s announcing duo. Remember, your announcers know what’s going on so you don’t have to.

Harrisburg may have left the Valley on the losing end of this season opener; but rest assured they will regroup and place Lehigh Valley firmly in their crosshairs for their next face off.

Craving more Lehigh Valley roller derby action? Well, you’re in luck. This coming Saturday (April 14th) the girls take on New Jersey’s own Garden State Iron Maidens at IFFC. Doors open at 5pm, First whistle at 6pm.

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For more photos from LVRG vs. HARD check out our Flickr account. All photographs by Deb Boylan

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